That’s how DSS spells teamwork. In order to run a highly effective student government, we need help in many different avenues. There are various subcommittees you can volunteer you time and effort towards.

List of Subcommittees and respective facilitator:



Position Name Year Email
Undergraduate Admissions Committee Andrew Hall  4
Undergraduate Education Committee Michelle Huang  4
Undergraduate Education Committee Armita Dehmoobadsharifabadi 4
Undergraduate Education Committee Richard He 3
Undergraduate Education Committee TBD 2
Undergraduate Education Committee DDS1 Academic Rep (TBD) 1
Undergraduate Grading Practice Committee TBD
Hospital Relations Committee TBD
Art Committee Facilities Commissioner (TBD)
Teaching Awards Advisory Committee TBD


Student Life Internal
Position Name Year Email
VP Student Life Internal Kelsey Motomura 4
Wellness Commissioner Mayhay Ho 2
CGG Commissioner  TBD
Head Peer Mentor Kelsey Motomura  4
Assistant Head Peer Mentor  TBD
Sib Coordinator Santana Su 2
O-Week Coordinator Elizabeth Worndl 2
O-Week Coordinator Michael Gardi 2
O-Week Coordinator Marilyn Kandala 2
Social Commissioner Rebecca Phillips 4
Facilities Commissioner TBD
Parent Support Club Leader  TBD


Student Life External
Position Name Year Email
VP Student Life External Andrew Hall 4
Dentantics Director Ryan Noh
Melody Yao
Sports Commissioner Female Erin Landman 4
Sports Commissioner Male Sam Rahbar 3
O-Week Coordinator Michael Gardi  2
O-Week Coordinator Marilyn Kandala  2
O-Week Coordinator Elizabeth Worndl  2
OHTH Representative Myra Cabellero  3
OHTH Representative Vincci Chiu  3
OHTH Representative Jackie Mamedova  3
OHTH Representative Samantha Wierer  3
OHTH Representative TBD
UTSU Representative Joanna Man  2


Community Outreach
Position Name Year Email
VP Community Outreach Rachel Filice 4
DDS4 Community Representative Kelli Stein 4
DDS3 Community Representative Jackie Mamedova 3
DDS2 Community Representative  Jenny Luo  2
DDS1 Community Representative Madelaine Jong  1
DDS4 ODA Representative Katie Chung 4
DDS3 ODA Representative Hyunjee (Jamie) Ro 3
DDS2 ODA Representative Linda Ha 2
DDS1 ODA Representative Ricahrd Nguyen  1
FCDSA Senior Representative Julie Delcorde 4
FCDSA Junior Representative Keyvan Tscherassen 3
ZIP President  Julie Delcorde 4
AO President Joshua Raisin 4
IPE Representative Armita Dehmoobadsharifabadi 4


Position Name Year Email
VP Academic Michelle Huang 4
DDS4 Academic Rep Armita Dehmoobadsharifabadi 4
DDS3 Academic Rep Richard He 3
DDS2 Academic Rep Samantha Stahn 2
DDS1 Academic Rep Madonna Rofaeel 1
ZIP President Julie Delcorde 4
AO President Joshua Raisin 4
SPEA Lead  Zane Haji  3



Position Name Year Email
VP Communications Jonathan Yu 3
Marketing Comissioner Amalia Cong 4
Yearbook Editor Katherine Kazak 4
Yearbook Editor Jenny Hong 4
Webmaster TBD n/a


Position Name Year Email
VP Finance Eric Moryousef 4
Finance Commissioner Joshua Raisin 4