Student Clubs

We are not just a student-run organization with dental expertise but a student body full of talents and many interests. We may have a club that fits for you whether it is in sports, music, art, charitable initiatives or mentorship.


Athletics Committee

The Athletics Committee is passionate about promoting physical and mental health and wellness within the student body at the Faculty of Dentistry. We believe that being involved in athletics is a great way to stay fit, educe stress, and help develop a sense of community amongst students. As the Athletics Commissioners, our aim is to involve as many students as possible in the Intramurals Program on main campus, where students can participate in a wide variety of team sports such as hockey, soccer, ultimate frisbee, flag football, and even dodgeball. We have several teams that range from recreational to competitive, so all skill levels are encouraged to participate. We also encourage students to take part in several Fantasy leagues running throughout the year, including Stanley Cup Playoff hockey and March Madness basketball. These leagues are often paired with a local charity or program, where a portion of the funds raised from registration go towards helping our local community. We also help organize and promote the ODA Cup, one of the biggest school-wide sports events of the year. Whether you are a long-time athlete or are new to the wonderful world of sports, we are here to help you get involved in the athletics community at the Faculty of Dentistry!

Community Outreach

Community Outreach organizes several events and activities for students, faculty, and staff to get involved and support our local community. Our team is planning an exciting school year ahead. Firstly, as part of our Lunch n’ Learn Talk Series, we have our Africa Talk on October 6 th featuring Dr. James Maskalyk, an emergency physician in Toronto and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Next is our Fall event, Rayman’s Run taking place on Sunday, October 22 nd in support of Princess Margaret Dental Clinic. The Faculty of Dentistry mayparticipate in a 5km walk/run, half-marathon or if your especially motivated a full marathon with Dr. Rayman, our Director of Student Life! We also have several other events throughout the year to support local charities including a bake sale, blood drive, holiday food drive, and Valentine’s candy grams. Look for poster’s around the school for details about each event or ask your Community Outreach Team!
Your DSS Community Outreach Team for 2017-2018 academic year:
Rachel Filice (DSS VP Community Outreach)
Kelli Stein (4 th Year Community Outreach Representative)
Jackie Mamedova (3 rd Year Community Outreach Representative)
Jenny Luo (2 nd Year Community Outreach Representative)
Madelaine Jong (1 st Community Outreach Representative)


Dentantics is an annual entertainment variety show organized, directed, and produced purely by the
students. It showcases talents in singing, dancing, acting, video production, and best of all, poking fun at all the professors and faculty members (without dire consequences). All proceeds go towards supporting the Access to Care Fund. Although the U of T Dentistry clinics charge approximately half the standard fees of a typical clinic, many patients are still not able to afford these costs. For these patients, the Access to Care Fund provides financial assistance, allowing them to receive their much-needed treatments.

Dragon Boat

We are Plak Attack, the U of T dentistry dragon boat team. Dragon boat is a sport in which boats of 20 paddlers and a steersperson race to get to the finish line. Every year, with team members from all years of the dentistry program, we practice paddling on the water as a team starting in early May right after first years are done with finals. Our season cumulates with a race in late June, where we compete at a festival against other university teams and teams from the community. Dragon boat is a great way to have fun with other dentistry teammates, to meet new people from the program, and to stay active in the summer training towards a goal. There is no previous paddling experience needed, so everyone is welcome to paddle with us in the summer. Let’s go Plak Attack!


Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship Society (SASS) is a student-led national organization dedicated to raising awareness of antimicrobial stewardship and resistance across Canada. Founded by medical students, SASS supports a multidisciplinary approach to stewardship through collaboration with students from health professional programs including dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine. Dentistry Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship Society (DSASS) is the dentistry chapter of the organization. Our aim is to educate dental students about the importance of proper antibiotic use and the problem of antibiotic resistance. We educate, support, and encourage dental students to foster a culture of evidence-based use of antimicrobials in clinical practice by raising awareness of the misuse of antibiotics in dentistry. Our goal is to promote the judicious use of antimicrobials among future dental practitioners through critical thinking to ensure the administration of the right antimicrobials to the right patients at the right time.


The FCDSA stands for the Federation of Canadian Dental Student Associations, and it is a national,
student-run organization representing all dentistry student associations across the ten dental schools in Canada. The FCDSA advocates for and connects Canadian dental students in a nationally integrated community, aiming to promote accessible, optimal dental education and patient care. The FCDSA is very excited to be hosting our inaugural event, the 2018 Canadian Dental Student Conference in Toronto, ON, at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel from January 11-14th 2018. This will be the first conference of its kind organized by a national Canadian dental student association and will unite approximately 600 students from all ten dental schools across Canada. This three day event will consist of a variety of activities including keynote speakers, scientific poster presentations, student leader discussions, financial talks, hands-on demonstrations, sponsor exhibitions, a formal dinner and many networking opportunities. Overall, this conference will provide a wide range of events for dental students of all years, providing the perfect venue for education, community building, and the sharing of ideas. We hope to see you there!

Junior Smiles

Junior Smiles is a community outreach program aimed at providing preventive oral health are education to individuals 18 years and younger from underserved families with little to no dental insurance. Our mission at Junior Smiles is to provide kids, t’weens, and teens with the fundamentals of preventive oral health care education. Our program focuses on teaching the significance of oral hygiene, healthy nutritional choices, and the practice of safe habits. Often, families of lower-income are unable to visit the dentist regularly and become more susceptible to undervaluing the importance of preventive dentistry and its implications on a child’s well-being. Despite access to government-funded programs, children raised with a lack of awareness and knowledge about oral health care continue to visit the dentist on an emergency basis. The key to break this self-perpetuating cycle is education. Junior Smiles strives to provide children with the knowledge to make sound oral health care decisions in their daily lives.

Oral Health Total Health

OHTH is a national non-profit organization that aims to increase awareness about the inadequate access to oral health care for individuals with special needs. It is well documented that this population does not receive adequate dental treatment. Their limited access to dental care greatly effects not only their general health but also their quality of life. OHTH strives to reduce this disparity through events which allow dental professional students and persons with special needs to interact and work together in a non-threatening environment. Over the years, this was achieved by the annual “Sharing Smiles Day”. In addition to breaking down any attitudinal barriers that may exist, the hope is that dental students may gain a better understanding of these exceptional individuals, and to enable them to feel more comfortable and confident to care for this population in their future practices. OHTH also hosts a number of fundraising initiatives to support dental clinics for persons with special needs.
Our Mission:
 To educate and encourage dental students, residents and dental hygiene students to provide oral health care for persons with special needs within their clinics upon graduation.
 To raise awareness and educate community access workers and caregivers to provide oral care for these individuals.
 To provide funding for clinics and initiatives that promote universal access to oral health care for persons with special needs.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is a student group aimed at easing the transition into dental school for first year students. It consists of 16 peer mentors; 2 students from DDS II, 4 students from DDS III and 10 students from DDS IV and involves the entire DDS I class. Peer mentors are paired and assigned a group of approximately 12 first year students. Within these groups, the peer mentor’s role is to act as a point of contact for their students who are in need of support/guidance academically, socially, or emotionally.

Sib Program

To help you navigate through your first year in dental school, we invite you to take part in our mentorship program, known as the Sib Program. As a lil sib, you’ll be paired with a big sib from second year. Big sibs are there for YOU! They are there to help your transition into dental school be smooth and enjoyable. They have already been in your shoes and will try their best to answer your questions, whether they be about your first quiz, concerns over course load, social/community events and about places to check out in Toronto.
If you have any questions or concerns at all, just send an email to

Social Committee

The Social Committee engages students to participate in activities outside of the classroom, helps build strong school morale and an inclusive dentistry family by giving opportunities to socialize outside of the classroom, create memories and bond over similar interests. We provide fun and engaging events for students, which help relieve the every day stresses of class and clinic. We believe that it is important to provide these opportunities to students that may have a difficult time engaging in social activities, as these events are free, easy to attend, involve a wide variety of interests, and often involve prizes! We would love to see you come out, get social and enjoy our events this year!

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is dedicated to improving student experience and morale through activities and workshops. In the past, we hosted events such as puppy therapy, games night, beginner’s yoga, craft therapy, and more. The Wellness Committee is also the team that maintains the plants in the lobby and various appliances in the student lounge. We are looking for passionate, creative, and reliable people to join our team.
Volunteers responsibilities:
– Attend meetings
– Help organize events
– Make class announcements about upcoming events
– Take pictures at events
– Make suggestions for new wellness initiatives


SPEA (Student Professionalism and Ethics Association) is a North American dental student initiative to enhance the ethical and professional education of future dental professionals. Through events and various lectures, the organization attempts to raise awareness and spread information on ethical and professional topics that will hopefully assist dental students and future dentists to confront and manage daily practice situations.