Meditation Technique for Beginners:

How To Meditate – The most effective meditation technique, plus tips for how to avoid the most common meditation mistakes.

Meditation For Beginners – Meditation distilled to its essence. Learn how to develop the single most important self-improvement habit.

Mindfulness Meditation – Learn how to start practicing mindfulness to develop emotional mastery, focus, self-control, eliminate suffering, and increase fulfillment.

10 Day Silent Meditation Retreat:

It’s hard to describe in words the significance of my first Vipassana experience…
It was very challenging but every day was worth it. To be forced to look deep inside and understand not only the constituents of my mind (fears, worries, aversions…ect.) but also be able to cleanse my mind.

No matter what we are going through in life, every human being has fears, worries, judgements, reactions, stress, and anger at times. But deep within our core is something beautiful to be discovered.

The technique is a gem, a gift shared to the world by the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) to help beings find deep happiness and peace. I feel so grateful to have had this experience.

I highly recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never meditated before, the retreat takes you step by step, and it is very practical that allows you to incorporate it into your daily life.

If curious, you can find more information here:

Sending my love and blessings to each and every one of you. May all beings be happy 🙂

Diana Liu – Wellness Commissioner

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