Class Council

Each DDS year has a class council comprised student leaders elected by their respective peers at the end of each academic year (DDS1 class will hold elections in the beginning of September). The goal of class council is to represent and advocate on behalf of the class regarding academic and clinical needs as well as planning class social gatherings and new initiatives. The tenure of these positions are held for one year with the exception of ODA, Yearbook, Dentantics, and IPE representatives which are held for four years. For more information regarding responsibilities and details of each position, please visit the DSS Constitution and By-Laws.

President acts as representative for the class and oversees the activities of the class council. Numerous responsibilities including, but not limited to, representing the class at student/ faculty meetings, sitting on various different committees at school, organizing/ helping to organize many different events throughout the year, listening to class suggestions/concerns and relaying them to the faculty, and attending monthly DSS meetings as a DSS council member.

Vice-President facilitates the president’s job. Duties include being responsible for all things related to clinic (or lab for first and second years), attending student/faculty meetings with the president, helping in organizing the different class events, and filling in for the president when he/she is absent from a meeting.

Treasurer/Secretary duties include maintaining the official class bulletin board, scheduling class council meetings, taking minutes at class council meetings, and relaying them to the class, managing the class funds, and signing and depositing cheques to the designated bank account

Academic Representative represents/ communicates class academic concerns to the respective course professors. Record and post lectures (with lecturer permission). Maintain weekly academic schedules.

Community Representative responsible for organizing/announcing community related events, while working closely with the DSS community representative

Hype Representative (Formerly DDS Representative) responsible for organizing and setting-up DSS awards night. Responsible for communicating and organizing attendance of class events (ie. CDSPI, Protect Insurance).

Social Representative responsible for organizing social activities for the class; whether it be a club night, bowling night, BBQ night etc. Also works closely with the DSS VPs to help organize and run school wide activities throughout the year.

Sports Representative responsible for promoting sports teams and sporting events during the year. Also works closely with the DSS Athletics Directors in running the various activities throughout the year

Ontario Dental Association (ODA) Representative responsible for advising Council and classes on matters relating to the ODA and liaising with the ODA as necessary. Also, helps the Sports Representatives with organizing the ODA cup.

Yearbook Representatives (2 positions) responsible for organizing, designing, and writing their class’s section of the yearbook each year. Also, attends as many social events as possible to captures those special moments on camera. In DDS4, yearbook representatives become yearbook editors

Dentantics Representatives (2 positions) responsible for organizes their respective class’s piece(s) in Dentantics in DDS1 and DDS2, organizing and hosting the annual Dentantics show in DDS3.

Interprofessional Education (IPE) Representative responsible for working with main campus as well as IPE Representatives from other faculties to organize and inform classmate about annual IPE events and electives, which are required for graduation

Federation of Canadian Dental Students’ Associations (FCDSA) Representative (not available for DDS1)

DDS4 Class Council
Position Name Email
President Eric Moryoussef
Vice President Kelsey Motomura
Secretary Joshua Raisin
Erin Landman
Academic Representative Armita Dehmoobadsharifabadi
Social Representative Andrew Hall
Sports Representative Matteson Marinovich
Hype Representative Colette Mascarenhas
Community Representative Kelli Stein
ODA Representative Katie Chung
FCDSA Representative Julie Delcorde
IPE Representative Armita Dehmoobadsharifabadi
Yearbook Representative Jenny Hong
Katherine Kazak
Dentantics Representative Irina Baranova
Grad Formal Representative Erin Landman
Colette Mascarenhas
Kiran Gosal


DDS3 Class Council
Position Name Email
President Cameron Goertzen
Vice President Jonathan Yu
Secretary Danielle Taylor
Academic Representative Richard He
Social Representative Parnian Soleimani
Sports Representative Saman Rahbar
Hype Representative Miriam Cohen
Community Representative Jackie Mamedova
ODA Representative Hyunjee (Jamie) Ro
FCDSA Representative Keyvan Tcherassen
IPE Representative Amanda Vincci Chiu
Yearbook Representative Rosalind Law
Harriet Law
Dentantics Representative Ryan Noh
Melody Yao


DDS2 Class Council
Position Name Email
President Tracy Tang
Vice President Mike Gardi
Secretary Phoenix Zhang
Academic Representative Daniel Greenspan
Social Representative Elizabeth Worndl
Sports Representative Brandon Lum
Hype Representative Raheel Sheikh
Community Representative Jenny Luo
ODA Representative Linda Ha
FCDSA Representative
IPE Representative Sonia
Yearbook Representative Haley
Dentantics Representative Alina Phen
NIma Khosraviani


DDS1 Class Council
Position Name Email
President Laura Sliwkanich
Vice President Jeremy Ho
Secretary Susie Son
Academic Representative Madonna Rofaeel
Social Representative Julia Diamandakos
Sports Representative Sam Saljoughian
Hype Representative Zaheed Shivji
Community Representative Madelaine Jong
ODA Representative Richard Nguyen
IPE Representative Wayne Fang
Yearbook Representative David Hu
Paul Wu
Dentantics Representative Evan Benak
Brooke-Lynn Pettigrew